Cloud Migration

A new technological standard for medium and large businesses

Hybrid Cloud

The production environment is running in the cloud
The development and testing environment is running on local servers

Advantages of cloud technologies

1. No need to maintain and develop physical infrastructure
2. There is no need to maintain and train additional staff of specialists
3. Saving money by paying for real consumption

The transition to cloud technologies is a global trend. Viewers no longer keep discs with movies at home, but watch any one in two clicks thanks to streaming services. Similarly, companies are abandoning the maintenance of an extensive IT infrastructure, using resources and programs on demand through the network.

Scaling the project

  • - Setting up servers.
  • - We transfer projects with subsequent testing.
  • - We switch traffic to new servers without downtime.
  • - We conduct an audit and comprehensive optimization of the infrastructure.

Implementing CI/CD

  • - infrastructure management via CI/CD
  • - containerize applications under Kubernetes
  • - creating Helm charts
  • - automatic deployment and rollback of your application
    • - - dynamic review to launch the environment on the button for developers
  • - working with Docker Registry

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